Starfire Glitter Set

SKU: 10 Piece Glitter Set

$75 $100

Starfire cosmetic grade glitter set comes in 10 vibrant shades. Our metallic glitters are cut in a unique micronized particle sizes to provide a better coverage finish for face, lips, and body.

HOW TO APPLY: Prep with Glitter Primer to minimize fallout. Apply our Starfire Glitters to the face or body using our Retractable Double Sided Pro-Brush for maximum results.

Product features:
Net Wt. 10 x 0.17oz / 5 g 

S1: Fushia
S2: Purple
S3: Aqua
S4: Chocolate Brown
S5: Gold
S6: Emerald Green
S7: White Gold
S8: Red
S9: Dark Blue
S10: Copper

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